Thai pipeline network company limited or TPN

was established on October 1, 2015

to invest, develop and operate the pipeline extension pipeline to the Northeast. The extension pipeline is located at Saraburi’s oil depot. It is located at 342 km. In Khon Kaen Province. It is the infrastructure that enhances the logistics efficiency of Thailand. To respond to market conditions. And ready for new opportunities with the ASEAN Economic Community.


On August 13
The National Energy Policy Committee (“NEPC”) No. 3/2015 resolved to allow the existing operators or oil traders or other private enterprises to develop the Extension of Fuel Pipeline Transportation System to Northern and Northeastern Regions Project.
On October 1
TPN was incorporated to develop Thailand Northeast Extension Pipeline Project.


On August 1
Thappline had given consent to TPN to connect the Extension Pipeline to Northeastern Region at the Tie - in Point at Thappline’s Saraburi Terminal.
On August 31
The Ministry of Energy and TPN have signed the MOU.


On May 23
TPN and Thappline singed the MOU for connection and operation of pipeline


On May 23
TPN and Thappline singed the Rental Agreement and Pipeline Connection Agreement


On January 28
TPN signed a “MOU for the Cooperation in the Development of Oil Pipeline Transportation System Project from IRPC Oil Refinery” with IRPC and PTT Tank
On February 5
• Groundbreaking ceremony at Khon kaen Terminal
• TPN signed the “Memorandum of Collaboration Thai-Lao Oil Pipeline and Vientiane Import Terminal Project” with China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Company Limited, Eneco Dynamic Public Company and Sitthi Logistic Lao Compamy Limited

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